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About Us


Elite Botanicals was one of the first hemp companies licensed under the Colorado Department of Agriculture in 2014 cultivating high-CBD cannabis plants under industrial hemp regulations. Working with CBD in 2013 with Dr. Alan Shackelford, our company had the first dedicated CBD processing lab built and licensed in the state of Colorado. Via the partnership with Mary’s Nutritionals, we helped to develop and launch the second CBD product suite available nationally (alongside the Stanley brothers with their Charlottes Web line). We have historically focused our business around more wholesale and product development with partner brands vs. launching our own product suites direct to market, and have maintained supply relationships with some of the largest brands in the industry.

Since 2015 we have been working with Colorado State University on one of their canine CBD research studies and we white-label pet drops/tinctures for several other brands, including one that stems directly from the funding of that active study and a co-branding partner that we have sold under using the Whole Pet branding ( In 2017 we developed the Whole Pet product line with the intent of having ultra premium quality at significantly higher potency than anything else in the market while retaining a similar or lower price point than the competition.

It has been a challenging and winding road being involved in the CBD manufacturing world since the beginning, but have always felt like proper ethics, honor, quality and perseverance would get us through. The whole Elite Botanicals team is proud to be able to bring our entire suite of Whole Pet CBD products back to market in their original form, original potencies and with the ability to provide secure transactions to our customers via Square processing services.

We develop products that are effective and safe to ensure our own loved ones have the type of quality products we demand and they deserve. It is our pleasure to be able to offer that same level of quality to you.

What Sets Us Apart?

University Research

People Whole Pet CBD

  • “the product is outstanding. I tell so many people about it b/c the highest dose of the oil has literally changed my oldest dog’s life. It literally is the best!! I swear by it :)”

    Torrance, California
  • “After 10 years in our family, Maggie May was diagnosed with a few bad cancerous tumors on her side. She got pretty weak and would constantly shake. I started her on the Whole Pet CBD oil and 7 weeks later her tumors have started to shrink, with no chemo, no $6k surgery and she has quit shaking altogether!”

    Portland, OR
  • “I was truly happy to finally find a reliable and strong product for my Rottweiler. The Large size lasts me just under a month and makes an amazing difference in his quality of life.”

    Seattle Washington
  • “I use the drops on Kilo’s food to prevent seizures that suddenly appeared when he was an adult. The Whole Pet CBD has been a life saver and he has been seizure free since starting on the drops twice a day!”

    Northern California
  • “After being in pain for weeks and no help from the veterinarians, we got Kaya on the Whole Pet CBD and she has been playful and pain free! She likes the flavor so much she just wants more!!!”

    San Francisco