All Natural Dog Treats

Why not give our dogs something delicious too? Treating pets like family is a specialty at Whole Pet and The Barkery. These two Colorado companies have come together to provide cannabidiol rich and all-natural dog treats that are preservative free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, dairy free, and filler free.

The Biscuit BarkeryStraight out of our local dog bakery to your front door! These organic dog biscuits will be as close to homemade dog treats as it gets. Rest assured that you are getting the best dog treats with this healthy mix of premium ingredients like organic pumpkin, organic eggs, and organic apples. Every batch is accompanied with third-party laboratory test results to ensure you are getting the high quality and non-psychoactive cannabinoids your dog deserves.

The Biscuit BarkeryThere are countless ways to incorporate these hemp dog treats into your canine’s regimen. What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than to give them something special? Maybe a tasty and heart-shaped 20mg CBD treat in the middle of a dog cake will suit their fancy! Dog’s love these as a rewarding training treat for their final trick, always a performance worthy of a standing ovation! During loud fireworks or thunderstorms, pet owners can appreciate a calming dog treat that allows the whole family to relax and enjoy the show together. Need to be away from home and soothe separation anxiety? Stuff one of these dog cookies into their KONG toy before you leave!

All Natural CBD TreatsThis dog snack will fit perfectly into any routine. Through incorporation of quality ingredients and full-spectrum hemp extract, even owners will want to give these treats a taste. Just make sure the dog doesn’t catch you stealing out of their cookie jar!