Dry Paws and Noses – Causes and Solutions

Dryness in Paws and Noses

Dry paws and noses can be very uncomfortable for our pets. As pet owners, nothing brings quite as much joy as seeing our four legged family members in their usual playful mood. So, finding a solution for this discomfort is on the front of most pet parent’s minds. Rest assured, there are very common causes for this, as well as affordable solutions.

The Elements

While pets love being in nature, sometimes the elements can get in the way of all the fun. The wind, dust, sun, allergens, hot and cold weather, along with snow and salt can be harsh on their paws and noses. Like humans, our pets can also be effected by allergies under these conditions. These allergies can take place seasonally, or be caused by common allergens year round. These allergens can include mold spores, pollen, and shed skin cells.The typical runny nose is a common side effect of these allergies, which dries out the nose over time.

Another cause of dryness is the effects of central air and heat in the home, when temperatures outside are rising and dropping. These temperatures can also play a role outdoors. Hot or icy surfaces can affect paws as well, sometimes leading to dryness and cracking, 

The Genetics

Some animal breeds simply have inherited physical characteristics that cause them to suffer from dry skin on the nose and paws. This is especially the case with breeds susceptible to breathing difficulties. An example of this is the pug, whose flat nose tends to lead to extra dryness.  

Certain cat breeds are also more prone to dryness than other. For example, cats with white hair and pink noses may be more sensitive to sunlight. Their noses, being hairless, offer little protection against harmful rays. Because of this it is important to treat and prevent sunburns.

The flat shape of the pug nose can lead to a runny nose, making this breed more susceptible to dryness

The Solution

Dedicated pet owners, like those working at Whole Pet CBD, have made it their mission to create something that will help these dry paws and noses. They recently developed a product called “Nose and Toes,” and this balm may be just what your pet needs for a variety of situations. This product comes equipped with restorative and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil, and mango butter. 

Balm for dry noses and paws
Noes and Toes balm for dry paws and noses

Rest assured that your pet is well taken care of with this balm. It can be applied at least once a day to the affected area. This product offers quick absorption to achieve the most benefits, before it gets rubbed or licked off. This balm contains a high-cannabinoid whole plant hemp extract, packed with beneficial compounds like CBD. With so many crucial ingredients, your pet will be sure to appreciate the relief of this specialized balm!