Hemp and CBD for Horses

Recent Findings

With information on the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) on the rise, many are wondering, “If humans and pets benefit from CBD, what about our livestock?” Turns out, an endocannabinoid system exists in nearly all animals. When it comes to CBD for horses, cannabinoid receptors have been identified for both CB1 and CB2 receptors. In a 2019 publication, it was also found that larger doses of CBD could be used for pain management in horses. 


Ongoing Research

Despite regulations limiting research on CBD, credible sources are constantly providing the public with anecdotal evidence for its benefits. To really determine medicinal value, controlled studies are making their way towards publication. Research on the recommended dose for horses is currently underway at several major universities. More controlled studies on pain management for horses could be in the near future as well. These types of studies will open doors for more research, to discover all of the uses and benefits of CBD for horses. 


The Veterinary Perspective

Dedicated equine veterinarian, Dr. Chelsea Luedke, has made it her mission to discover the possibilities for cannabinoids with horses. Dr. Luedke, co-founder of VetCS and member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, takes her years of experience in the field to analyze the effects of CBD with horses first hand. Through her partnership with Whole Pet CBD, high quality cannabidiol products for horses are available nationwide. 


CBD Options for Horses

Thanks to the hard work done by those like Dr. Luedke, many palatable products are available for your farm friends. Many may be wondering about now, “Exactly how does one administer CBD to a horse?”  One option is to add the CBD directly to their food. Another method is to simply squeeze the product below the horse’s tongue.